Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 24, 2018

” ONE COLD AND CHRISTMAS EVE “~by ‎Martin Gedge‎




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It was late one night while in my bed
on a cold a Christmas eve
with teddy tucked in deep inside
and pressed against my sleeve
when in the night I heard the bells
that rang across the sky
and two each foot I had to look
as Santa passed on by
my eyes surprise my jaw ajar
my hands all shaken stirred
and to my guess I would confess
to things I saw and heard
but be awake that I should take
such glory of this view
this little boy would jump for joy
that what he saw was true
a super sleigh and saint of grey
was sitting at the steer
calling out and without doubt
to all of his reindeer
to dance and prance the magic air
on golden dust and beams
to fill the hearts of every child
whose vision hopes and dreams
that jolly soul the giggle bowl
would visit one by one
from chimney to every tree
to stockings as they hung
and to the roof as every hoof
was set to chase the pace
he caught my smile all knowing while
that I had seen his face
and as he geared to twist his beard
in the sparkle of an eye
he placed a whisper to his lips
and waved to me goodbye
and that was then I truly knew
for those who don’t believe
you have to see it for yourself
on a cold and Christmas eve..

by martin gedge©

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