Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 25, 2018

CHRISTMAS LONG AGO….(on the islands)~by Nalini Starr



CHRISTMAS LONG AGO….(on the islands)

Back in the islands long ago
Christmas time was a different show
When the time was drawing near
There were lots to do and prepare
Houses were scrubbed clean
And new coats of paint could be seen
New furniture were bought that time too
And new curtains for the windows
Local dishes and drinks were prepared
There were sorrel,punch a creme,eggnog and ginger beer
No fancy turkey on that day
Only traditional foods all the way
Black cake was a must to be made at Christmas time
Filled with lots of fruits and rum and wine
The smell of cooking will be in the air
Lots of food they will prepare
Bread and cakes would be in the oven too
There would be enough to share
Neighbours would call out to each other from across the street
Christmas wishes they would greet
No one had to call before they could visit someone
It was open house for everyone
Friends could drop by at anytime,and strangers too
And get a meal or a drink or two
No fancy musical instruments to play
Bottles and spoons they would beat
Singing to Christmas calypso
That was how they used to greet
Singing and going from door to door
The kids were happy with whatever toys their parents could afford
They knew nothing about technology
Yet they were never bored
Drinking and eating and talking about the past
That was the way
Folks would enjoy Christmas day
Those were the good old days
Now things have changed.

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