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I wish you all a Merry Christmas!


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The festive Yuletide season seems to favour the rich, not poor,

Yet, all – rich and poor – should appreciate the good that one sees,

For one has to break free from the vicious cycle of acute poverty,

For miracles do happen, which enables the poor to pay their fees.

Indeed, Christmas portends an auspicious and sacred celebration,

We all equalise and worship Jesus Christ, the sacred son of God,

Who gets the `Thumbs Up’ from both the vicarious rich and poor,

While even pious pastors give the Godly Jesus the acceptance nod!

During Christmas, both rich and poor can see models of mangers,

Which show Infant Jesus and Mother Mary among clay sheep,

Making us exult on the message of Jesus Christ’s divine birth,

Whose perception to save mankind from sin runs really deep!

On Christmas, we sing hymns that glorify Jesus, our divine Saviour,

Who made the blind to see, who overcame trials, ordeals and strife,

A friend to the poor, oppressed, destitute and those in despair,

Giving everyone a new beginning and a new lease of renewed life!

Christmas is, therefore, a time for all to worship and praise Jesus,

Who has given us eternal life and proffered to us this eternal gift,

While it is proclaimed that He gives life freely and abundantly,

And for the destitute, He helps by giving their spirits a sacred lift!

We should celebrate Christmas with bonhomie and camaraderie,

Knowing that our strength is renewed from the holy Bible book,

Which demystifies the aura of Christ and explains his greatness,

For He is the wonderful God whose life the Jews brazenly took!

Jesus would be exhilarated to know that in our Christmas midst,

We have a jolly, jocund Santa Christ filled with hope and cheer,

And while Santa gives joyful gifts to the poor and homeless,

He tries to help the rich get over their inconsequential fear!

So, Christmas is a time when not only Christians, but everyone,

Shouldn’t differentiate, but feel everyone is led by the North star,

That promises peace of mind and tranquility to the affluent,

While for the poor, Jesus will see there is no discrimination bar!

(Indeed, the message of this poem is that Christmas is a season which nullified the chasm between the rich and the poor, as Jesus Christ, the son of God, Himself was born not to a rich lady (for Mother Mary was assuredly a simple, poor lady), but He rose to be one of the greatest spiritual and religious leaders, who Christians believe died on the cross to save mankind from their sins and whosoever believes in Him will not perish but will have eternal life. So, Christmas should be celebrated with the mindset and perception that all are equal, and giving to the poor would be the best way of paying homage to the Son of God on his Special Day).

By Miss Heera Nawaz,


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