Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 25, 2018

GIVEN UP~by Nalini Starr




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He sits there watching the world go by
No one sees the pain in his eyes
His bottle is never far from him
He drowns his sorrows by drinking

Once he had a great life
A happy home and a beautiful wife
But he allowed the devil to come in
Now he has lost everything

The devil had so many names
Heroin,methadone and cocaine
He took everything to stay high
He felt he always wanted to fly

He took anything he could get his hands on
And his life went spiraling down
The devil made sure he couldn’t stop
All hopes were gone,he had given up

He never thought in a million years
That he would be joining his druggie peers
They all had the same story to tell
How the devil dragged them through hell

He tried to change his ways many times
But the drugs had control of his mind
The temptation was too strong to not give in
He needed the devil under his skin

His life has gone down the drain
He’ll never get back the good life again
The devil will not give him release
The devil will be with him until he is deceased

He is prepared to go any day
Because life is no use to him anyway
The devil is his only friend
And will stay with him until the end.

N. Starr

Dec. 13-2018

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