Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 25, 2018

TRUE LOVE CONFESSION ~by Apost Johanes Lobe




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Confessions are a reality of actions,
Thoughts of you are full in my mind so big like a mansion,
You are just like the bright morning star shining in my mind,
Its my confession is true i can see it for true love is not blind.

You are the light that shines in my dark,
An examination which am unable to mark,
Am lost in thought each time your name is mention around me,
Before i go to bed your picture is what i wish to see,

Lonely in my single room feeling dizzy,
But can’t catch some sleep course you are in my mind like crazy,
Looking towards the mirror table,
With you in my mind like a fable.

How can i tell you how much i care,
For the love burning inside my heart is that i can’t bare,
I turn from side to side with the pillow on my bed,
Only the bedsheets can feel my heart beat and eyes turn red.

Hey whats wrong with me i can’t get you off my head,
This may look magical but is what i feel not what i read,
Each time you come around the birds sings,
The angels full of beauty wave theirs wings.

The smile that appears from your beautiful face makes me lack words to say,
My eyes center its view on the angel in human form lost in illusion standing on my way,
In my mind thousands of words are form at the same time,
My heart beats from side to side telling me i can’t wait for you to be mine.

To behold you as my Queen each day and night,
For you brightens my life with favor that shines like light,
And makes me feel like heaven is all around us honey,
In you is dignity and integrity for your love could not be bought with money.

Knowing you is the most precious occurrence in my life,
Your fair,sweet charming beauty looks so nice,
Seeing you by my side and in your arms complete my dream,
For this is my true love confession captured in my heart like a film.

#December 2018 Edition
#Written by Lyric General
#Official facebook lyric General

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