Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 27, 2018

“toxic addiction’s”~by Timothy Payton



“toxic addiction’s”

why do we intake poisons, in our daily lives,
weather it’s caffeine, alcohol, pills, nicotine, life,
something to wake us, something to slow down,
something we take too much & become a clown,
something for us to feel better & so sound,
something to numb it all to the sounds,

why do we partake, just too get by,
these heartaches & miseries,
have ran me dry,
I still feel the pain, yet no tears in my eyes,
I wake everyday, just to provide,

a little of my light, voice & sight,
hoping you can feel, with all my might,
with these words & take flight,
be born today & gone tonight,

these things I take,
inhalants & wake,
taking each one, can take on much weight,
what do I want? what do I stop?
better choose fast, racing that clock.


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