Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 29, 2018

Daily missive for Saturday the 29th of December.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Saturday the 29th of December.

Give me wings
Oh how I would fly
Dancing through the air
Coordinated in movement
A mockery of
Synchronised divers
Dipping as one
Noses pinched closed
Feigning a smile
Starlings twist
Murmuring in flight
Defying gravity
Locked together
In front of a murderous row
Of black capped
Hitchcockian crows
Dipping their heads
Cawing in delight
At the display
Passing judgement
With a ruffle of feathers
Tipping the wink
Giving an evil eye
It will happen one day
Floating off this bed
The pain of past deeds
Rancid in disease
Stripped of context
Every breeze
Has the power to transport me
Into a paradise
Of mine own making
Even for a moment
Float me weightless
Lift me
Up unto the sky
Close my eyes
Rest a penny heads up
And with a whisper
I will be gone.

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