Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 30, 2018

FORGET ME~by Rini Valentina




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Forget everything about me
Don’t force your time to love me
Don’t be forced to sink into the dark shadow
Don’t let the stars know too much
Or moonlight looks for the information about our worthless stories
And fireflies become spies
Tell to the world
About love stories that don’t deserve.

Forget me who has been amazed at you
Forget everything about the love
Don’t let the night be a judge
Judge, punish and don’t care
If the love happens like a season that always changes
If this love is only an emotional overflow when the soul is lonely
Or complementary suffering when the heart was embraced by the sorrow for ever losing of my old lover.

Forget me now
Go, never look back again
I wait for you to go behind my bedroom window which is slowly blurry because of the raindrops
Seeing your footsteps which will be only a memory
Seeing the shadow of your body that is once so familiar with my body
And now just like the writing is in the form of poetry
I will read again when my longing is disturbing about you
But I let everything be a blue shadow that beautifies of my life.

Borneo Indonesia, December 29 2018 (02.37pm)
Rini Valentina

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