Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 30, 2018

Inked in a Blackman’s blood.~by Christopher Sonti Mothiba



Inked in a Blackman’s blood.

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Drop of blood as settlers fight to capture the soul that yells, we human.
As guns cough death, rivers painted in ink that flows in black skin of a man,
And a pen in a dry bone awaits blood to fill ink to write about my humanity.

It was on the hill of our shores when the first drops of ink in blood tasted the soil,
At the laugher of guns that a black face of a man was denied its dignity as human,
And at a horrible crack of a gun a black skin laid a first page to seek a right.

Scrolls of time meticulously set to maliciously burn every page that seek ink,
To write in blood of a man in a skin that is black and a face that is human and,
Ink on skin pages to word a constitution to script equality on a Blackman’s back.

Only ink in a Blackman’s blood seek to correct the perceptions that,
Seeks to question the existence of a soul behind an eye of a face on a Blackman,
And to scratch on the black skinned pages with teary eye of your humanity too.

Remember it was inked in a Blackman’s blood when see your,
Face being drawn in colours of black skin that utters blood words of humanity,
And cry for one in you and me is paved on tombs of the black living dead souls.

Remember every letter type in a book called the constitution of South Africa,
Relays a raw truth of how the blood of a black skinned man is stained,
In every dead of pages that tells of your right to life without my hand killing you.

Pseudonym of the true is the tail told of a cold stone dark soul in a dark skin,
While you hanging on the pillars of freedom curved and flawlessly sculptured,
By the very black soul’s ink that reflect to write your name as an equal.

Remember the wording of this book are a cry that seek to teach love,
To a soul that found pale joy in pain that seek to oppress the my humanity,
Yet it is the ink in a Blackman’s blood that found love to write of one in us.

Never forget it never had ink,
It was inked in a Blackman’s blood.


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