Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 30, 2018

May It Be…!~by Aasia Majeed



May It Be…!

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Days fall like sand grains
Swallow them,cruel desert
People come and go
Like moments passing by
Why we remain arrogant
Oh! What we gain
By giving others pain
Another year turns it’s sphere
Some welcome with pleasure
Others with tears
Again,hope and regret
Walk by each other
Step by step
Yet we desire to fly so high
By snachting others right
Ah! How can we smile
With old bleeding sigh
That picks all pearls
From our lives
Its time to find
The real calm and joy
By turning bright
Our blinded eyes
And so clear we find that
Old lady in the moon
That spins
And enlightened strand
Around the neck of all
The years to come…

Aasia Majeed

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