Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 31, 2018

BREEZY TALK~by Saroj K Padhi




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I want to talk with you till eternity
Like the Wind talking with the trees ,
In waves of whispers 
from the excited wings
of the cool morning breeze–
in words of birds’ undying love for foliage,
in songs rich in flowers’ colourful sensation,
in amorous verses of rills’ raw emotion
in lines of poetry written
in Nature’s every little motion :

in seas’ moony elation ,
rivers’ sunny inflammation ;
in rain’s intoxicating potion
glistening on your lips’ vibration ;
in the lyrics of soft dew
kissing crests of mountains ,
in lullabies of mother earth
springing from breasts of fountains ;

in tune with that flow from heaven
that sings of a vibrant fusion
to keep things in divine suspension.

I want to talk till you talk me out,
till I talk my heart and head out.

I’ll talk, talk and talk
like lovers talking with their loneliness
in madness of the night,
like children talking to fairies
in silence of the night;

Talk to me before my voice dies out
Let our souls talk with each other
Before time under our throbs slips out .

Copy right : @ Saroj K. Padhi

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