Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 1, 2019




YOU AGAIN, 2018.

If I ask you to see me again,
As the golden ages wane.
Please take away your eyes,
For patience melts block ice
As my dreams are dogged.
I really love to be hugged,
But don’t stretch your arm
Even if I hallucinate of warm.
I’ll stand to face the reality
‘Cause you’re now a history.
Your experiences made me
Stronger and my flaws I’ve flee.
Yes, take with you my pain.
For today my heart is plain
As I pen not to see you again,
I’m glad I won our bargain.
Even to this gloomy sea I sight,
Let the sunrise kiss her bright.
Yet, our distress and complain
Was from yesterdays strain.
But I’ve choose to be patient,
As tomorrow will be sufficient
For me and friends who make
Hope a loincloth when wake.
My eyes dried for better days
She sees, my lips full of praise.
Wipe your tears, dear friend!
Tomorrow comes to mend
Every wounded heart
That holds to hope not to part,
For it’s a clarion call
To all my beloved to stand tall
As we board the real train
That’ll ride us to our domain
Of peaceful mind, promotion,
Good health, love, celebration,
And all good we’ve desired
Even beyond what transpired.
So hang on to your courage
For our bounty is of a new age,
Of a friend we’ve long await
And I thank all that kept to date
As we usher in a train of 2019.
Happy new year, great friends!
(c) 2018/19; alright reserved
By O. C. Harry.

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