Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 1, 2019

Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter~by rldubour

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019!!!!!!!


Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter

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S leepiness awakens too
P leased to see the old and new.
R espect, rebirth, rejoice
I know I have the choice.
N ature gave me all of this
G arnished with an Angel’s kiss.

S oon the new will be grown
U nderstanding what is known.
M odestly with beauty shown
M oving gently on private thrones.
E nlightened by all these sights
R ecord the image for future nights.

F orever nature stays on track
A lways forward never back.
L isting her colors with crisp air
L ending her beauty for man to share.

W hile I spend my time on earth
I value all these gifts of worth.
N ow the seasons near their end
T o complete the cycle once again.
E mbossed in her blanket white
R esounding sleep makes it right.

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