Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 3, 2019

“Fortress of Blame, Fortress of Gain”~by ‎Rick Halliburton‎

Just a Thought This New Year 2019…

If You really want change you must make it with and from yourself and yourself only… I wrote this years ago regarding same and if you don’t get it ..then don’t blame me.


“Fortress of Blame, Fortress of Gain”

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There’s a Fortress of Blame it’s
Bricks mortared with pain….
Every course every layer all built the same …
What used to be windows now boarded up shut
The true light of life too bright for two down turning eyes….
You try and you try …
As the years goes by..into darkness..

For a Fortress of Blame or a Fortress of Gain its choice to us all through losses and pain…

A Fortress of Blame…
A Fortress of Gain….

There is a Fortress of Gain..its
Bricks mortared with pain…
And challenges tamed
Tasks conquered..dreams at hand
And hard fought battles hand to hand won or lost..but the cost worth the price and so we keep on still dreaming and rolling the dice…
Brick by brick with stones of gain built
A fortress with no blame but sight
Of tomorrows that we might, we just might…
See promise…promise we always knew could be true if only we passed
Though the rocks, throws of doubt
The moments we doubt..about weakness and blame…but above all be ourselves..with windows wide open with love and of pain we know that this Fortress will remain..and Gain..not from others but from inner dreams, we mortar each stone..each brick and each seam from our self.

This Fortress will stand ..long after Fortresses of Blame become sand.. it will stand..

Pain is the’s placed in your hand…

Rick Halliburton 2017

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