Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 3, 2019

Two Pair of Wings~by Rini Valentina



Two Pair of Wings

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I asked God for two pairs of wings
God gives me gladly and He smiles at me
Then asked…Where will you put it on? 
I want to put a pair of wings on both of my shoulders
Again God smiles …
I do not know why He smiled again ..
I tried flapping my wings like a seagull
I can flying high…high …and higher
And I want to fly higher and farther ..then..
I’m flying low and down slowly …
Approaching the remaining of a pair wing below ..
I remember a pair of beautiful eyes full of love
I remember a warm smile for me
I want to go where he is
I wanted to meet him and tell how much I missed him
And iam confused..
Where Will i put the other pair of wings?
Should i put it on my head?
Or where????
Now I remember you who are still far away from me
I know I have to give it to whom the wings …
You are… Yes .. you are …
So if you and i miss each other .. we can meet ….
Meet somewhere that no one knows ….
Only you and me….

January 03, 2018
Rini Valentina

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