Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 4, 2019

In Medias Res*~by Constancio Sulapas Asumen Jr



Cclxxxii ~≫ In Medias Res*

CCLXXXII ~> In Medias Res*
When you hit the road without a set course,
You are prepared to deal with what you get;
Braving the rapids with meager resource,
In fair or foul weather, you navigate
Muster your strength, shortcomings you forget:
Not all that you would chew, need you ingest;
Harvest the aftertaste, spit out the rest!
Neither is life a zero-sum affair,
Nor is the rule, that the winner takes all;
It’s bounden that trespasses you repair
Beyond the rules of contest protocol
Rather a matter of prime principle:
When you fail to tell who the pretenders
Focus on beating all the contenders!
If the tank reads empty you cruise on fumes;
Until inertia rejects the bargain.
A modicum of momentum subsumes
The reckoning of what you’re left to gain
To compensate for the impending pain:
You face the makings of a perfect storm
When known parameters fail to inform!
If you cannot tell whither to go home,
You should suspect you might have gone too far;
Knowing not when you had embarked to roam,
Wherefore, you’re sure, was to locate the star
That mandates the limits to who you are:
Heaven might wait, depending on which game
You play: for keeps, for fun, or else for fame!
*This Latin phrase roughly translates into English as “in the middle of things,” is used herein with tangential allusion to Pres. Teddy Roosevelt’s homage to being in the arena. Hook image (NymphsP51.jpg), sequestered uncaptioned, from the Pinterest Nymphs & Fairies cyber collection reached my email inbox by subscription.

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