Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 4, 2019

LOVING~by Nalini Starr




We all talk about love
So many opinions
Each having a 
Different experience
Love is not only about
Loving your partner
With all your heart
It is much more than that
It’s about loving mankind
As a whole
And loving your neighbors
As the good book has told
About loving nature which astounds
And all living things around
It’s about loving
The beggars on the street
And every homeless person you meet
It’s about caring for
The needy and the poor
And giving more
About a heart
That is kind and loving
And sharing and giving
Loving family and friends too
You’ll be surprised
What love can do
Our hearts are filled
With love to spare
So we should spread it out there
And show how much we care
Love is a powerful emotion no doubt
So why not let it all out
And maybe the world
Would be a better place
If love shows It’s face.

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