Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 4, 2019

“When My Time Has Come”~by Rick Halliburton

To Life from beginning and to Life!


“When My Time Has Come”

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When my time has come I will shrivel ‘neath the Sun
Same Sun that made me Red now warms my sinking head.
Once I gloried in the day, nothing better came my way
When I was new and bright this ending not in sight.
When Earth and Rain did feed, I had no wants, no cares, no needs.
Creatures came to me to drink and yes hummingbirds do wink
But now my time has come, now is time for other ones
What now only seems one day, but new buds are on their way
To Life! As one once said, To Life! To life indeed
As now I leave my seed
Earth’s bosom close to me, beneath my lifelong friend the Tree
Yes now my time has I kiss my fading Sun.

Rick Halliburton 2016

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