Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 5, 2019

Daily missive for Friday the 4th of January.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Friday the 4th of January.

Bring on the madness
There is a logic
To fear
The world is a broken place
Everywhere the wind blows
Cast your eyes
Unto the moon
It is fresh cream
In a teacup sky
A tear
From a blackbird’s eye
Barely clinging on
What if it falls
There can be no more
Than a man can stand
Where did such a story
Find a voice
When all is said
Nothing frightens me
More than a rainbow
Without an end
Listen to the jabber
Of hidden things
Such tales they tell
Of secrets and whispers
Nothing is ever dead
They are carried
Through the ages
In the stories of an old soul
With a lazy eye
For detail
He rides a grey horse
Travels a winding course
They beat a path
From door to door
I have heard them before
I will hear them no more.

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