Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 5, 2019

“WILD FIRE” ~by Martin Gedge‎



POEM “WILD FIRE” by martin gedge

Image may contain: tree, sky, plant, night, outdoor, nature and water

Through the fire and through the smoke
finding faith and strength to cope
the building blocks a family stone
the burning flame to call a home
a windy breeze the singing trees
like raging swarms of bumble bees
to stand in pain and watch it reign
like wild fire you cannot tame
you pray to god with all your might
to roost the hell and rest the night
and let the heavens rain on down
to wash the leaves and soak the ground
and those to shelter from the heat
a spirit grows that can’t be beat
the long and winding road your on
will live again and build it strong
and those of us to understand
to give with heart and helping hand
from every street and neighborhood
for every dollar that you could
help the cause and give with ease
an everlasting sounding peace
from far and wide to oceans blue
a nation calls the likes of you
we the north the strong and free
must take this time to honor thee
and wear your heart upon your chest
to brave the storm and take to test
that all the grit and pure desire
will put to rest this wall of fire
and let the spirits hear you roar
the burning wood will move no more…..

by martin gedge©


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