Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 6, 2019

Angel, sitting by the door~by rldubour



Angel, sitting by the door

Image result for guardian angel watching over you

Do you believe in angels? I will tell you why I do.

Have you ever seen a toddler and wonder, who they are talking too?

It truly is amazing to watch them all at play.

When they look up at nothing there and you can hear them say.

I believe their guardian angel, stays with them by the door.

To guide them and protect them as they have always done before.


Through growing pains, sleepy times or simply just at play.

They have their guardian angel only they can hear them say.

They take them through their younger years, like a seventh sense.

As they grow older by the day their angels seem to drift away.

Not gone, just bidding time to speak another day.


Another day when life’s journeys end

Your guardian angel will speak again.

Will speak about a new life and how you did in this.

Show you all of your life’s moments to let you reminisce.

The moments of the life you had and just how you behaved.

Then lead you through that golden light to face your final grade.

I believe our guardian angels are sitting by the door.

To guide us, to protect us, as they have always done before.


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