Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 6, 2019

Hello my friend ~by Nalini Starr



Hello my friend

Hello my friend
How are you
I know there are some problems
You are going through
I haven’t heard from you 
For a long time
But you should know
You are on my mind
I know you’ve been through
A tough ordeal
And I am just wondering
How you must feel
Are you improving
Or still in pain too much
How are you feeling
Please keep me in touch
I worry about you
You are a dear friend
And I hope you will get better
And your pains will end
I don’t see you online
Like you used to be
And it has crossed my mind
Have you forgotten me
But I wish you all the best
In whatever you’re going through
And just remember
I am always here for you
When things are better
I hope we’ll get back on track
And we will continue
Our interesting chat


  1. this is beautiful

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