Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 7, 2019

MEASURED LOVE~by ‎Piya Ghosh‎




Can love ever be measured?
He says it is too intense
She has yet to unlearn
And then again learn how to dispense
In a measuring cup
Just enough to heal his scars
Sufficient to mend his frayed nerves
Not a bit less,not a little excess.
She always thought that
He was meant to be over loved
With his jealousies, insecurities and fears.
Maybe in her utter naivety
She misconstrued his complexity
For his insecurity.

Over loving was akin to insanity
Bringing about a series of consequences,
Unpredictable moves,wrong turns,
Opening closed doors,
Hurting a vulnerable heart enough
To make it explode and break –
The whole purpose of love perhaps
Is to break,hurt,heal and then move on.
But is it that easy to convince a heart
To switch on and off the emotion’s button
Taking back spoken words
Erasing written texts
Rephrasing, reframing, redefining love,
Over loving this moment
And loving less the next,
Specially when she had promised
To go to hell with him?

Piya Ghosh~ 7-1-19

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