Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 7, 2019

SHE REGRETS~by Nalini Starr




She regrets not giving you a chance
And starting a romance
You wanted that too
But she didn’t have time for you
Decades have gone by
And up to this day
She regrets pushing you away
Way back then
She was confused and young
And she still wonders
If you would have been
The right one
You cross her mind very much
But it’s been years
And you are out of touch
She doesn’t know anything about you
Nothing whatsoever
If you’re dead or alive
And she wonders
You were in love with her
A long time ago
Back in the day
But she never felt
The same way
You moved on
Out of her life
And she became
Someone’s wife
And she regrets that too
Now she wishes
She could get in touch with you
But she doesn’t know how to
She has no trace
But she still remembers your face
And the young days
It brings tears to her eyes
When she thinks of what
Could have been
Why was she so foolish and mean
Although she is a wife
She still wants you in her life
She knows it’s too late
But it would be great
Just to see you one more time
Will ease her mind
Regrets are tormenting her so
Why oh why did she let you go
It’s been decades now
But she wishes she could find you somehow
She regrets not giving you a chance
And starting a romance.

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