Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 8, 2019

Gambling~by rldubour




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Before 1775, the word gambling came from gamen or gamner.

To bet on a uncertain outcome we call them gamblers.

Wither it is money or whatever they will risk it on a chance.

In hopes that if they win their pockets will enhance.

I try and understand why people work all day

Just to put their money in a slot and throw it all away.


This is just another vice that again is not so kind.

And we don’t realize that empty pockets they only find.

They think that they are way ahead but are really at a lose.

And most do not realize just what it does cost!

Gambling is not only casinos or that friendly poker game

We all gamble everyday but the stakes are not the same.

We gamble on the speed in which we drive or cars and trucks

A gamble that we don’t get stopped as we push our luck.


We gamble on that crosswalk that they all will stop.

As we walk across that street with no traffic cop.

We gamble on our everyday that things will turn out right.

We gamble in our work and play and on our very life.

We think we are invincible bad things only happen to them

Don’t kid yourself on this one, we all will face our end.

It does not matter where, nor does it matter when.

When the angels call your name, that’s when our gambling ends.


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