Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 9, 2019

“PHANTOM”~by Martin Gedge‎



POEM “PHANTOM” by martin gedge

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All aboard the captains swell
a voyage set to sea
the dead that ride this vessel hell
will rise with the debris
to walk the plank into this tank
and rake the ocean floor
to flesh upon yon treasures beach
as bodies lie the shore
with tooth & nail the devils tale
was sworn upon the flag
to jolly toast a Satan ghost
and every scallywag
to swab the deck of every wreck
and let the anchors weigh
we raise the cheer and drunken steer
until the black of day
shall sink the teeth into the drink
and scar each sailors skin
to peel the clutch of life so much
and let the death set in
a bounty’s gold that will unfold
to each we will demise
to take the gin right to the grin
to poke between the eyes
so light a flame to red the rain
and sit upon the throne
to wait to dock this pirate rock
and raise the skull and bone
for it be me to flush the sea
and haunt the common clan
to seal your doom and drown the tomb
leagues beneath the sand…

by martin gedge ©

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