Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 10, 2019

Daily missive for Thursday the 10th of January.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Thursday the 10th of January.

You peddle an absurd
Notion of unity
As your nest is feathered
By the efforts of others
Witter about equality
Of opportunity
The death of social mobility
Fragility of glass ceilings
Behind doors closed
To the hoi polloi
Who smell of sweat
Failure and ready meals
Do you believe
Bargain basement shopping
Is anathema
Spend spend spend
A mantra
Whispered in yoga
Or as an accompaniment to Pilates
Every day is black Friday
For the ne’er-do-wells
Who collect food stamps
With the less than avid
Satisfaction of a train spotter
As you potter
In the garden
Tending roses
Cleaning leaves with
Cotton balls
Soaked in milk
Dreaming of old times
Starched collars
Pinafores and fine lace
When people knew
Their place
Was below stairs
Or looking at stars
Through a skylight
In an attic bedroom
Coated in hoarfrost
Closer to thine own god be truly
Content to be indebted
To thine betters
Fettered by degrees
Ambition another word
For greed
In relation to others
Mary Poppins is a reality
Be happy with your lot
It is more than most have got
Chin Chin
It is time to take the waters
Have a cocktail
Now is the hour
To be reminded
Of the privilege it is
To complain
From a position of strength
Take this freedom
For granted at your peril
Hold the ladder steady
When the temptation
To pull it up behind you
Is too strong
Take a deep breath
And move on.

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