Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 10, 2019

” THE GHOST IN YOU “~by Martin Gedge



POEM ” THE GHOST IN YOU ” by martin gedge

Kicking hearts and breaking glass
living life in shattered past
beating on the drums to ease your pain
forever lost in darkened dreams
passing through the inbetweens
catching all your tears in pouring rain
no more smiles to grip your face
falling into shadows space
hide yourself into the seedy wall
covers close to shut your eyes
while letting in the dirty flies
and now your fist is just a wrecking ball
all the love that slides the door
fear to try or knock no more
will bare the stilling silence of your soul
in the moment of despair
you are the fashion that you wear
and everyone just tells you were to go
to when the sun to light your skin
with all the scars you harbor in
will flourished into bleeding of your vein
and words will slowly suffocate
your hope and all the hurt you ate
and now your just the hollow of the brain
so symptoms in the shallow mirror
are all but gone and seem so clear
that everything has left the charming host
a figment of a life once bought
an apple core with worm to rot
to disappear and vanish like a ghost…..

by martin gedge©


  1. Thank you for sharing this

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