Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 11, 2019

” THE RAIN PEOPLE ” ~by Martin Gedge



POEM ” THE RAIN PEOPLE ” by martin gedge

Image may contain: sky, outdoor and water

Further more I search for light
the everlasting glow
through the clouds and in the storm
down barren paths I know
as many shadows form the fog
to block my blind of sight
my salt of tears I’ve wiped for years
will come to share each night
for we to walk these streets alone
to never get to see
we are the dust that fills the wind
and shades the willow tree
we are the kind to dine the dark
to spin and fill the drain
the ones who come out of the hide
when god decides to rain
and do we take those soul of fate
that wander onto us
a messenger who has to claim
and chain the ones we must
and to deliver onto thee
for pain shall seek no more
an open case to sign a life
a walk through heavens door…

by martin gedge©

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