Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 12, 2019

Equanimity~by Dr.Satinder Parkash Nanda


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💐Equanimity 💐

To be a composure not easy my love
In this epicurus luxurious society above
My level-headedness ever betrayed me
The presence of mind gone wildly estray,
Lusty desires enchanted more my nerves
Self-possession relaxing off shore, ellite sinking but
feeling superb
In the sensuous thrills of fleshy ardour
No serenity of mind and equilibrium of soul,
My poise,ablomb’ all chained in ropes of notes,coins.
Buried in precious gold mines
No voice of tranquility’peace
Deaf,dumb all veins-nerves
World is no more sangfroid informal cool, my love.
No one build now caves in hills,earth for saints.
All buried in castles, tombs,vaults,crypts, pyramids and graves.
Oh my love now equanimity crying in vain.

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