Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 13, 2019

Next Generation~by rldubour



Next Generation

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With time brings age and the changing of command.

As the next generation moves out front to take their stand.

They are all our children, our daughters and our sons.

The parents slowly thinning out, they must carry on.

It’s sad to lose a loved one to the cycle of our life.

The emptiness that fills the heart, never does seem right.


By your side the whole life through, knowing they were there.

Their body gone but still have memories all can share.

We know they are in heaven watching down on us.

Perhaps waiting for that day we go for that will be a must.

Once again we’ll join them they are reaching out their hand.

With the angels right beside us to help us understand.


Our stay on earth is over as we have known our life to be.

And through the gates of heaven they want us to see.

Our loved ones that were sent ahead all waiting patiently.

And once again embrace the symbol of our family.

For when you lose someone in life, someone very close.

All the pains you ever felt, this one hurts the most.


After all the tears have fell, you sit in silent thought.

Remembering all the happiness that loved ones always brought.

It’s time to place those pictures and lock them in your heart.

Store them until the angels come and your journey has to start.

Now we have made the circle in the cycle of our life.

Only leaving just our name, will they say it right?

With time brings age and the changing of command.

The next generation move out front to take their stand.

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