Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 13, 2019

The Perfume of the Plague~by Stefano Capasso

Inspired by a great poetess


,,,,,,,,, The Perfume of the Plague ,,,,,,,,

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“” It is the corrupted soul,
it is not the meat “”
what he wrote
a Russian poet.

But also when
you come back
to see you again
the light ,
after remaining
long blind,
then it is missing
faith and hope
in a world
without pain and suffering.

A more human world
and less inclined
to ignore
a stretched hand.

Everything shines around
and they sing birds
making Heaven
closer to God.

But yet
it’s not like this
for everyone,
even if we live
under the same roof,
to be able to enjoy
a celestial intoxication
. because
elsewhere it goes crazy
an endless madness,
where is it
.fire and flames
. burn
newborn dreams
and immediately taken away
from a wind,
absolute protagonist,
that goes around alone
the scent of the plague.

All rights reserved
copyright @
Author: Stefano Capasso

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