Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 14, 2019

One day ~by Bijoy Bhakat



One day

One day , I know
You will go –

Like the Spring
Like the bee..
Like the wave
Like the sea..

You will go away
You will go far..
Crossing the galaxy
Crossing the polestar..

Leaving me behind
Leaving my world..
Breaking my castle
Breaking all walls..

Crushing my heart
Crushing my soul..
Crushing partly
Crushing as a whole..

To another sky
To another star..
To another ocean
To another river..

Erasing the times
Erasing all memories..
Erasing the events
Erasing the memories..

From my life
From my shore..
From the deep
From the core..

Without telling
Without saying ..
Without uttering
Without conveying ..

Anything to me..

Suddenly and untimely
Abruptly and unexpectedly..

Ruthlessly and mercilessly
Pitilessly and heartlessly ..

Without even knocking
Without giving a call ..
Oh my sweetheart
Oh my doll..

Copyright @ Bijoy Bhakat

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