Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 14, 2019

Play the cards you’re dealt~by rldubour



Play the cards you’re dealt

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If you’re a poker player you’ll know just what I mean.

Our life is like a deck of cards so it seems to be.

Whatever hand your holding do you fold, check or raise?

Or do you bluff your whole life through is this how you behave?

Or do you check? Play it safe and cause no wave to high.

As you realize that your life is just passing by.

Do you raise with opened eyes and go straight ahead?

Being bold, achieving goals and making change instead.


This is the deck of cards we hold, we play them every day.

Down the road of life we go, deciding what to play.

We can only work with the cards held in our hand

With love and inspiration, a bad hand can be grand.

Now if you’re dealt a bad hand and feel your soul is sold.

Don’t be afraid to raise the stakes, just bluff and never fold.

Play the cards you’re dealt with and wear a smiling face.

The dealer will be impressed with you, this is no mistake.


Now if you are the type to play it safe and all you do is check.

And feel secure in what you do that might be better yet.

Appreciate just what you have of nothing more you need.

With you loved ones by your side accept what’s meant to be.

Then it is ok now and then to raise those stakes and more.

Family is the winning hand this I know for sure.

Now all that’s left is the ones who take life to be a chance.

They hold the deck of cards of life and try and make them dance.

Some will win; most will lose the values of this life.

As greed becomes number one all else is sacrificed.

If you are a poker player, you’ll know just what I mean.

Our life is like a deck of cards, so it seems to be.

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