Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 15, 2019

Don’t spank your kid~by rldubour



Don’t spank your kid

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When I was young and full of it my Dad had said to me.

“If you don’t mind your p’s and q’s you’re going on my knees!”

This lesson we learned very young, imbedded in our head.

That we dare not get in trouble, fear of Dad was there instead.

This is how we grew up, not like it is today.

Kids think they are untouchable, mom and dad they have no say.

Discipline? What is that?

Our courts took steps to end all that!

Our kids today have no fear

With cell phone in hand 911 is near.

I can see why the law is there, no child should be abused.

But, punishment is different if they won’t listen and refuse.

Back then we learned the difference our butt be black and blue.

That wrong is wrong we learned and knew what not to do.

A little fear does no harm we grew up nice and strong.

We were taught what’s right and wrong and did not take us long.

We have respect and morals and hold our values high.

Unlike today these lessons, all are pushed aside.

The laws today have changed too much our kids are missing these examples.

Bring back the days when kids behaved and a smack was just a sample.

To all you young parents please don’t spank your kids.

The spanking days are gone like our moms and dads did.

They all would turn in their graves

If they saw how kids behaved today.

Disrespect and attitudes always wanting their own way.

Before I end this writing I should apologize.

That not all kids are like this as I just described.

It’s our kids that have no teaching or parental guidance of being told.

Discipline is what they need then right and wrong can be controlled.

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