Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 15, 2019

THE LAST WORD~by Saroj K Padhi




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A big claim about ‘love’ they made-
that the last word about it
had already been said,
when you bumped into a dawn
like a new glow on the face of morn
that seeks to reclaim and redeem life,
after Night’s endless dark sojourn;
you came like the shiver of Spring
in body of a youthful sprig
when under a mid-Winter Sun,
by a wind it’s ever so gently blown
to smack of the wildest flowers
in crevices of hills and vales newly born;
like a mad rainbow descending
to the crest of rising tides
that hunger for milk from udders of clouds
near to the sea, swiftly borne;

they said the last word
about love had been said
when with crack of another dawn
my heart too burst like a balloon
with air of emotions overblown
and softly in silence, to new light to turn
after consuming the dark in isolation
and then initiate the epic of a new born
to the rhythm of eternal symphony in wind
albeit occasional refrains of heart burn
and witness in new light the glory of creation
as orioles draped in nascent yellow of marigold
sang out their soul in jubilation
and hosts of birds
along with koels rested not while singing
of the beauty of Love’s supreme creation !


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