Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 15, 2019

“THINGAMAJIG” ~by Martin Gedge‎



POEM “THINGAMAJIG” by martin gedge

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Locked up in the frozen tundra
a million miles from home
there creeps a form unkind to man
that chills you to the bone
It gets into the heart of things
you don’t know who to trust
you thought that he was mans best friend
well get a load of us
It starts to intersect the brain
and eats away the skin
all the organs start to fail
and bodies sunken in
one by one they change the tune
you have to kill them dead
they lurk inside a demon seed
and come out of your head
it’s hard to tell them all apart
they’re like a human clone
to imitate the perfect mate
in through the frozen zone
they buried here the growing fear
this creature of design
and locked in place another race
to kill the human kind
I don’t know what to make of this
or what may come to pass
but alive and well this living hell
is gonna kick your ass…..

by martin gedge©

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