Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 16, 2019

” FORTUNE FOLLOWS THE BOLD” ~by ‎Martin Gedge‎




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A man of such significance
with sense of style and grace
a fashion queen that had a dream
to rock and roll this place
a passion god a flower pod
so driven and precise
to sail his ship from mic and grip
to find his paradise
a king of kings his anthem sings
to strut and walk his reign
a power man to raise his hand
a solitary flame
a killer kind to weigh his mind
and not be taught or told
for certain fame this legend name
was fortune wrapped in gold
a symphony with added flare
a performer and with pride
to swing his star above the bar
until the day he died
for every song to sing a long
with pure and open heart
to take the stage of every age
you surely were a part
upon the ledge to every edge
a soul to brave the storm
and bring to light a daring fight
a face against the norm
we won’t forget when life has met
a final resting peace
above the skies where gorgeous lies
you have another lease
to raise the ears for those to hear
beyond the garden gate
a perfect voice for making noise
that heaven cannot wait…


by martin gedge ©

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