Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 16, 2019

” Radiance “~by Lia Angelica Tohmè



” Radiance “

Image may contain: night, tree, sky, outdoor and nature

Each day is born with an illumination,
in the unwearied soul of the beholder.
Whose spirit draws the soaring oracles
winged with grace and resplendence…

A promise of happiness and absolution,
wrapped in a great white brooding silence.
All spires and pinnacles on pale palaces,
ensconced in diamond dusted whiteness…

The sapphire of the moon ascendent,
depleting gold of sunset extinguishing;
In a long phantom slide into oblivion,
obscure, indefinite, visceral, dreamy…

Its final signature a ribbon of radiance,
strung across the tops of mighty oaks,
enlivening the soul with rays of hope
Pacifying with tranquility and calm.

And if you half closed your eyes,
you’d witness yourself from afar,
evanescing into the obscure haze
transforming yourself into light…

– Lia Angelica 🌹

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