Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 17, 2019

Daily missive for Thursday the 17th of January~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Thursday the 17th of January

Dispossess me
Take away the tags
Remove the marks
Of identification
Which guarantee me
A place at the table
Label me a cypher
Without a secret
Everything known
In flagrante
Disregard privacy
What have we to fear
From such munificence
When was a tumour
Ever as benign
As your gradual leeching
Of my individuality
Cleverly disguise me
As a delinquent
Breaching the walls
Of safe haven
For an escape room
Process me as a dissident
When I call you out
Refuse to wear
Your collar
It will blow off my head
If you so choose
Who are you
To say who is free
When everything
We do for fun
Brings us
Closer to an age
Of conformity
And by degrees
Under the guise
Of individual freedoms
Of expression
We sell the soul of liberty
On social media
For a fee
Youtube dissenters
Need to make a living
Selling freedom
As a lifestyle choice
Peddling rebellion
As a youthful voice
That can be bought
In any colour
Shape or size
In bitcoins
Whatever they may be
Right click
Means you tacitly agree
To Pay pal
Nothing about this
Makes any sense to me.

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