Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 19, 2019

_”THE PROFUNDITIES OF REFLECTION”_~by Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole




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I save the voice of my chicken spring
That always dreaming and verbalising
On deeply productive self-confidence
Of calling a new dawn of no violence

I convey the people’s gigantic question
Into the vein of the government’s icon
If they profoundly support their rights
And caring their home of no abusive lights

I speechify a peace on behalf of my nation
Once we’re waiting a forthcoming elections
As the great way of raising the good affiance
And incarcerating the blowy air of violence

I receive the various messages from areas
Patiently grazing the manifestos into our ears
Making us be the bosses to the politicians
Once they’re forcibly begging the votes fro the

I really now show off an epistle of change
Although we are still fighting our challenge
But we calmly waiting the honest leaders
Let us choose and vote wisely the leaders.

I let the deep reflections as the pillar of telling
And unclutching all the doors of mindful song
Song of searching the wonderful shepherds
The shepherds of knowing their responsibility.


Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole

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