Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 19, 2019

After midnight~by Sunita Paul



After midnight

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After midnight
I wake up
When the world sleeps
I go into my thoughts deep
It’s my me time where I can enjoy my solitude
No strings attached whatever
Careless whispers from down memory lanes
All the laughters and pains
Tis’ the time when I evaluate and calculate
What’s gone and what I have gained
Was it worth of all the scars and pain
After midnight ,
I wake up
From all the deep slumber I have been sleeping the life long
Try to find out the right track and what went wrong
But then I see a sudden ray of light
And realise soon will fade away the dark night
Giving me signs that I will see a life again so bright
As I look out and see through the window
The dawn appears to be in sight
And my midnight journey sees the daylight

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