Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 19, 2019

WHY TAKE TENSION ?~by Saroj K Padhi




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Why do I take tension so often ?
When yellow leaves quietly slip off
the golden boughs of a lazy afternoon
to find themselves cuddled
by an eager loving brown earth
ready to gulp them down all so soon ;
I awake and wonder
gripped by tremors of an unknown fear
to find the leaves of my body
falling off into shadow spaces
beneath fallen leaves all so very dear !

Why do I take tension
when multi-coloured petals silently fade
wounded subtly by a scorching sun ,
as flowers change hues
in tune with rhythms of a breeze
whizzing past my fingers crossed
as I wait for Spring behind the shrunken trees ?

Why do I take tension?
Tell me why
when fields look less green
and crops ripen to assume colours of bright gold ,
and drops transpire into a plenitude
of a too distant rain beyond time’s near hold !

Is tension my second nature ?
Or the culture of my mind ?
Is Nature my sole love
which everywhere I do find !

@Copy right: Saroj K. Padhi

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