Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 20, 2019

~ seek~by Nutan Sarawagi

Dear friends this is a Hindi poem written by me and translated by my dear friend , Aarti into English .
Thank you brother Ashutosh for allowing me to share your beautiful photograph adding to it your beauty .

~ seek

Image may contain: sky, mountain, cloud, outdoor, nature and water

The breath was less
The breath was breaking
Paths confused
I was looking like a light.
Was looking for myself

The darkness was in the dark in the dark

But you said it doesn’t even know yourself.

Somewhere in those ways eyes
In the eye micholi was playing micholi
In the astray path
In the anonymous streets
I find myself somewhere far away.
Somewhere far away, they had gone far away.

In those paths where
You no I don’t even
We are also no one
We are standing our own in our own.
Don’t forget to stand inside.
Forgotten standing in the memories

Looking for life in life
Meeting myself alone in the lost memories.
Missing myself in you again
Ghole the grief in the grief
Understand the lie
Were drinking the ghoul
Were living
~ Nutan Sarāvagī ~

A near by translation by
Aarti Mittal


The last meagre breaths left
Were breaking its breath
Breaking itself

The trail lay in entanglement
tangled untangling itself
Releasing itself in it adrift

The gloom shackled itself in the darkness
But where were you were lost
unaware where even you didn’t know
Aah ! Playing the game of hide and seek
In the avenue of loving eyes
Looking for your self
Faraway in the unknown trails
of the unknown lanes
In those paths where there was no one
not you or me
Reaching for ourself
Within us
in obliterated memories,
Being bygones
Struggling for life within a life
Meeting with myself , lone in the lost memories
Vanished in the solitude
Mingling the sorrows with grief
Sipping the virtual assumptions.

~ Aarti Mittal

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