Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 20, 2019

Sweet heart ,~by Mary Gosling



Sweet heart ,

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We don’t need fancy words, you and l,
to explain away
that which is buried in heart chambers, 
that equally robust, healthy smile,
that coming alive,
to a touch in the midst of daylight,
when feverish and hasty,
we merge, combust, and fly.

We don’t have to pretend otherwise.

And we don’t owe the world an explanation,
of our meeting, feeling,
this coming together –
souls, minds, and bodies alike
why you, and no other,
aligns all the stars -until the sun rises
and l’m awoken
in your presence, voice, sensation.

l abide by the ultimate culmination.

For simple and clear communication aside,
no one knows about this intricate puzzle
completely resolved each time we meet,
and intimately –
play- nod – tumble – fight,
the tender diligence in our embrace,
the release, reverence, growth
– our cyclical birth of love and life.

The Family Gustav Klimt (1909)

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