Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 20, 2019

The warrior and the cherry blossom~by Fred Tunks



The warrior and the cherry blossom

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So it was that a warrior had grown weary of his continuous battle with the evils that existed in this his homeland the place of his birth and the resting place of his ancestors.
Evils such as greed, loathing, hatred and want for wealth and power over the humble people which he had sworn service and protection.
And it happened one day that the warrior found himself in the company of a beautiful blooming Cherry Blossom. 
The warrior was completely taken aback by the soothing sweet presence of the Cherry Blossom and he found himself becoming quite content with the aroma which flowed and exuded from this scintillating little flower. Exquisitely intoxicated within the confines of her innermost delightful delicacies!
Somehow the warrior found solace in the Cherry Blossom and felt the battle which he was fighting lifted off his conscience allowing the warrior to for the first time find peace within himself!
He felt now the need to lay down the coat of armor which had burdened him for seemingly an eternity of conflicts against the evils that he had fought. Now the warrior dawned a different coat of Peace Love and eternal Harmony and he dwelt in the company of the lovely and gracious Cherry Blossom forever and ever! His conflicts ended and his battles won he knows now the rewards of the hero!

© frederickgtunks


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