Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 21, 2019

Daily missive for Monday the 21st of January.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Monday the 21st of January.

There was a moment
When the world imploded
A cataclysm
Out of all proportion
To anything I had ever known
How did I respond
To the devastation
As it occurred
With equanimity
As the preferred choice
For some
Until the cracks begin to show
The rumble of an earthquake
Threatening to split
The surface in two
How did I measure up
Against the stoic
With the seismic shift
Of tectonic plates
Gradually rubbing each other
Up the wrong way
Until pressure is released
What did I do
As the ground moved
Beneath my feet
Did I grasp the nettle
Hold on tight to a lamp post
Claw my way to safety
On hands and knees
Cry like a baby
Into a pillow
Hide in a wardrobe
Crawl under a table
Bury my head in the sand
Until the gale
Blew itself out
Scream loudly
Into the wild wind
As the storm raged
Tearing at the walls
Threatening to bring
The whole house down
I did it all
Did a whole lot more
I did nothing
But something of
One thing or another
Which carried me through
To the other side
Of the great divide
Still waiting
Trying to understand
Why on earth
She died
Not me.

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