Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 21, 2019

Pain-Begotten Verities*~by Constancio Sulapas Asumen Jr



CDLXII ~> Pain-Begotten Verities*

CDLXII ~> Pain-Begotten Verities*
(Opus462 ~> Pain-Begotten Verities)
Perhaps people with complete set of teeth
Hardly appreciate plaint of the toothless;
Sweet pleasant smiles hide the turmoil beneath
Vague flimsy veil of bald banalities,
Soothing the bruises of human frailties:
The sins of pain-begotten verities
Hidden in vain by plaintive certainties!
Accepting your pain as par for the course,
Your normal you concede to jeopardize;
Neither you marry so you can divorce,
Nor treat your spouse for tastes of paradise
While on your sins you dwell and rhapsodize:
More pain-begotten verities endure
Your injuries ignore forevermore!
When pain-begotten verities trespass
Known bounds of common sense, you take the chance
To save the day; hoping the storm might pass
With the fell clutch of hapless circumstance
Remain within your grounds for tolerance:
Never expect that people tell the truth
Where truth is only known to the uncouth!
*Hook image (Castles03H462 jpg), sequestered uncaptioned, from the Pinterest Castles cyber collection reached my email inbox by gratis subscription.

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