Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 22, 2019

Melancholy~by Kati Arana Coello




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Let go of everything that you hide inside,
That inner core that swarms in pain.

Lose that smile and unclear look,
I see you, and I know why you go under.

When you falsify the feeling to bury the havoc,
That always seeps out, ripping your skin.

And I too have mastered the skill to suppress,
To doom the thoughts that keeps you still.

Without touch, love, fear, loneliness or will,
I know the truth in that, to scream alone.

And how briefly kindness cleans the tears,
With murmurers and sleepless nights.

I’ve have been there, and sometimes I’m still there.

Because we are human, and are faltered by design.

Copyright @KatiAranaCoello 💞


  1. Lovely poem.

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