Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 23, 2019

“Heroes (To Erin)”~by Michael Graves



“Heroes (To Erin)”

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I grew up believing in heroes.
I still do.

There are heroes in each one of us.
I know this for a fact.
You may have to dig quite deep
to see that this is true.

And when you do, you’ll
recall a time
when a hero’s light
shone forth from you
brighter far than any sun.

Recall how you continued then
when others fell – and you prevailed.
Recall how you held truth above all else
when others fell to lies.
Recall the fight that fell to you
when no one else could see it through.
Recall the times you won.

And if – just now – it’s hard for you
to scan the past and see these times
it’s not because it never was.
Keep looking – you will find them.

And breathe again a hero’s breath
and do those things a hero does.
For you were there when right prevailed.

Be there again.
It’s a new day.

–Graves 11/4/16

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